3 Word Wednesday for May 23, aka CCLXXIII

This week’s words:

Flesh; noun: The soft substance consisting of muscle and fat that is found between the skin and bones of an animal or a human; the pulpy substance of a fruit or vegetable, esp. the part that is eaten; the skin or surface of the human body with reference to its color, appearance, or sensual properties; verb: Put weight on; add more details to something that exists only in a draft or outline form.

Novice; noun: A person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation; a person who has entered a religious order and is under probation, before taking vows; an animal, especially a racehorse, that has not yet won a major prize or reached a level of performance to qualify for important events.

Sear; verb: Burn or scorch the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat; (of pain) be experienced as a sudden, burning sensation; brown (food) quickly at a high temperature so that it will retain its juices in subsequent cooking.

“Eating the seared flesh was repugnant to the novice cannibal; she favored sautéed.”

3 Word Wednesday for May 16, 2012


My sweetie fawned over me, impressed by my navigating through the mess created by her juggling of the books; unbeknownst to her, I had already called the Bunko Squad, and it was just for show, hoping for one more quickie before they carted her off to jail.

 Fawn; noun: A young deer in its first year; a light yellowish-brown color; verb: give a servile display of exaggerated flattery or affection, typically in order to gain favor or advantage.

Juggle; verb: Continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others, typically for the entertainment of others; cope with by adroitly balancing; organize (information or figures) in order to give a particular impression.

Navigate; verb: Plan and direct the route or course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportation, esp. by using instruments or maps; travel on a desired course after planning a route; guide (a vessel or vehicle) over a specified route or terrain; (computer) move from one accessible page, section, or view of a file or website to another.


Get your Raw Food wagon hitched…

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3 Word Wednesday for May 10 AKA 3WW CCLXXI


This week’s words:

Dampen; verb: Make slightly wet; make less strong or intense; reduce in amplitude.

Keep; verb: Have or retain possession of; put or store in a regular place; continue or cause to continue in a specified condition, position, course, etc.; continue doing or do repeatedly or habitually; provide for the sustenance of (someone); honor or fulfill; make written entries in (a diary) on a regular basis; noun: Food, clothes, and other essentials for living.

Tremble; verb: Shake involuntarily, typically as a result of anxiety, excitement, or frailty; be in a state of extreme apprehension; shake or quiver slightly; noun: A trembling feeling, movement, or sound.

“Dampen the cloth” the instructions read. Just dampen the cloth? I really didn’t understand why one wouldn’t get the rag soaking wet. After all, it was waterproof. But I did anyway.

My S-phone … depending on its mood was either Smart or Stupid … needed a good cleaning. Unlike other HHMDs (Hand Held Mobile Device), this one got constant use. My recent uncontrollable addiction to cherry jam was evident by the smears on the device.

I had to keep this one for a long time. It was a special S-phone from the future. Having perfected my limited-span time-machine, I had ventured 15 years ahead getting a really good deal on it. I was forced to wait the years out to get a new one. Ya see, my time-machine broke. Or rather, it got stuck. The machine slipped a freegle-gook, and sent me back to the present, but it stayed in 2027. Heck, it would be 15 years ‘till I could even be where it was (is?) to fix it.

My inherent shakiness getting worse due to low blood sugar … I had resolved to kick the cherry jam habit … I trembled as I slowly cleaned it. There! Done! A thing of beauty, the gleaming non-color radiated back its promise of being smart for a few hours before it fucked with me and became stupid once more.

Boy, one of the first things I would do when I caught up to the future would be to have Verizsprinton replace it.



3 Word Wednesday for April 25…AKA 3WW CCLXIX


This week’s words:

Bloody; adjective: Covered, smeared, or running with blood; involving or characterized by bloodshed or cruelty; verb: Cover or stain with blood.

Kinky; adjective: involving or given to unusual sexual behavior; having kinks or twists.

Tender; adjective: Showing gentleness and concern or sympathy; (of food) easy to cut or chew; not tough; (of a part of the body) sensitive to pain; young, immature, and vulnerable; requiring tact or careful handling.

 The bloody slinky was very tender where it had got kinky.

3 Word Wednesday for April 18.

I good-naturedly rumpled the grocery delivery boy’s hair after he remarked that my dependence on good food was not a well kept secret; my girth instantly gave it away.

3WW CCLXVIII Today’s Words:

Dependence; noun: The state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else; reliance on someone or something for financial support; addiction to drink or drugs.

Kept; past and past participle of keep.

Rumple; verb: Give a creased, ruffled, or disheveled appearance to; noun: An untidy state

Still Here Now…

I am still setting this blog up…Networked Blogs still needs some confirmations that I am the author of this. Or install Widget to bypass confirmations. Have the coding, but it does not show up on the site. Maybe now?


Locked in my office, headphones on, so I don’t interfere with something very spiritual in the Living Room. What to do, what to do?

Well, after a meeting where somebody shared that they had been spending the last few days in a retro-kind of mood, I figured, “Yeah, why not? Really test the new computer.” And test it I did.

YouTube is a great source for Woodstock footage. Santana, Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Joe Cocker, etal, cranked up. And I really like the combined channels; clip after clip after clip. Sure, there are a few non-Woodstock slipped in. Very cool is some foreign footage of Woodstock. Combine the tunes with some Wikipedia searches, and I learn a lot.

Canned Heat-Going Up the Country  …  Canned Heat-Woodstock Boogie  …  Ten Years After-I’m Going Home  …

I am one of those who admits to not being at Woodstock, despite being less than 6 hours away. However there are several peeps in my life who were there; wife, friend Joel (who covered it as a budding journalist), and a few others I trust (there is that saying, “If you remember Woodstock, you weren’t there.”)

My Life without Clots rocks…

Explaining it all…

I have taken a willing plunge, and recommitted to writing, editing, and most of all, loving myself…laughing at life’s twist and turns. I am exploring ways to spread me around, stray outside the box, and still be viewed as I know what the true deal is.

Hey, and this is also a test bed for posting pics and docs while I learn html and the limits of what WP can and can’t do. Such as, will this allow uploads of PDFs, or regular documents, or, or, or…do I need to migrate to another site-embedded app (like Joomla). Meanwhile, I will keep trying to figure out Blue Griffon and Amaya on my own.

Standby. I promise that I won’t throw anybody from the train, not even on the steepest learning curves.

Here are some links to past LWCs…
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Meanwhile, my Life without Clots keeps moving forward…